Sustaining Mindfulness Through Challenging Situations

Financial anxiety rises when you let go of your method and allow your mind to flourish in the seeds of future thinking. It may appear as your financial situation is the cause of your anxiety, but this is not the case. It’s your inability to come back to the method that keeps you stuck. 

Breaking from the story

For example, your bank account is low in funds, but it’s “the story” about your circumstances that is causing the anxiety. If you are practicing diligently, you could break from the story and come back to the present moment, thus not creating anxiety.

What does diligence look like?

Now what does practicing diligently mean? This can look something like this:

You notice your bank account is low and your mind runs rampant. You recognize the thoughts or the story forming and, without judging or reacting, you return to your method.

It can also be a feeling that rises. You pay attention to your body and recognize the sensations that accompany the story as later on it can be just a feeling that rises. Then, without judging or reacting, you return to your method. 

Several minutes later, the story comes up again –  you return to your method.

You are washing dishes and the story comes up –  you return to your method.

Later on, a different yet similar story comes up –  you return to your method.

That feeling rises – you return to your method.

Sticking to your method

You endlessly stick to your method until all you hear, feel, or do is your method. In doing so, you train your mind that “the story” or “the feeling” is a cue for you to return to your method. Eventually, this will become automatic. Story – method, feeling – method. 

Wheel of aversion

What happens if you don’t practice in this way is that you fool yourself into thinking there is a quick fix for your habitual triggers, therefore, mindlessly looking for a band aid which doesn’t exist. You try different ways to avoid feeling or thinking. This generates more unhappiness, so you keep entertaining this mentally, which never ceases and creates an endless wheel of aversion. 

Why a quick fix?

Why do you chase a quick fix? You may not want to experience the feeling or thought. It may make you fearful or powerless. So, you eagerly try to avoid it at all costs without realizing your power, stability, or peacefulness is in your method.

Your method is the way to stability

If you return to the method, your method becomes a sword of wisdom, slashing away the negative thinking patterns and feelings associated with your finances. Ultimately, you create a mind of equanimity around your finances and recognize stability is possible at all times regardless of the state of your bank account. Your method cultivates your serenity, which allows you to think clearly and implement an action plan to address the situation.

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