What is Wise Finances?

Wise Finances is designed to facilitate you in becoming aware of what changes need to be implemented, so you can transform your relationship with money. In actively and honestly participating in the exercises, you discover how you possess the ability to change what is not working and develop a much richer and healthier attitude towards your finances.

What makes this method different from other financial methods is that it addresses the person and the mechanics of finances; thus, healing the relationship on a deeper level.

The focus will be on the following:

  • Becoming aware of your current relationship with money
  • Investigating the cause of your imbalances with finances
  • Developing faith in your own ability to change what is not working
  • Determining what method to incorporate in order to transform your relationship
  • Creating a budget to help you achieve stability

When you implement what you’ve learned, you will reap the benefits of handling your finances with joy; therefore, creating a happier lifestyle for yourself and those around you.