Resources & Tutorials

Here you will find tutorials to the budgeting spreadsheet and other helpful spreadsheets I may develop.

Amazon Reload

With Amazon Reload you get 2% instantly for using this feature, what you may not realize is that you are actually giving Amazon free capital to work with.

Here’s an example:

100 people use amazon monthly. Each spend roughly $100 and all use their Amazon reload. They may not use the full 100, so let’s say only $98. That’s $2 left over, so $2 x100 = $200 that Amazon has floating around in their account to spend. Magnify this example to the millions of shoppers on Amazon each month and we are talking a lot of money. I don’t like this idea, so I created the following spreadsheet which will calculate how much to add, so your balance is 0 and you use your rewards instantly. See the video on how to use it.

Here’s the Amazon Reload spreadsheet for you to use or download.