Perseverance – How to Continue When We Get Stuck?

We have great intentions when we decide to change our financial situation. We promise to be diligent and follow through on our commitment. Then a month passes and we are disappointed with our progress. We start to doubt why we kept track of our receipts and implemented a method . Let alone, pay attention to our emotions. What do emotions have to do with finances, anyway? We have fallen off our method and question everything. We may not have noticed, but we fell into the trap of wanting a quick fix for our finances. We have reached our first financial block.

How do we persevere? We sit still and observe what is happening inside of us. We look deeply into our thoughts and question their motives. What we find is that we have the same recording playing in our head -the same story which has prevented us from reaching our goals.

 What does our story tell us? Maybe it’s trying to convince us that our method won’t work or that we are just not “good enough.” When this happens, we allow all these habitual stories to pass through. We can’t deny we are experiencing this difficulty, but what we can do is acknowledge and see it for what it is – a story. Probably the same story we have told ourselves for years or lifetimes. There’s no validity in our story unless we give into it. We must return to our method – stop – breathe – or recite. We mustn’t be fooled by our mind into thinking the method is a waste of time. It is through ceasing the mindless chatter that we can persevere.