Sticking to Our Method

From my previous post, How to Create Mindfulness Around Our Finances, we learned the importance of having a method. It sounds simple. Stop, breath or recite. But when we are faced with difficult situations, is this really possible? Honestly, no, not all the times. It’s hard to remember to breath when we are confronted with a difficult person or situation.

It takes time to develop this kind of stability in our practice. This is why it’s imperative we use our method daily. In doing so, we develop a healthy habit. This is the best way to remember our method when we are challenged. Simple reminders are useful.


We constantly use our hands, so it’s a great place to start. I change the colors, draw different faces, use different words, I write on both hands. I have to be creative because my mind gets used to them quickly. It also serves as a conversation piece. Some people ask and I gladly share.




Another trick is writing reminders on pieces of paper and putting them all around the house. Sometimes, if I’m spending the weekend by myself, I paste them all around the walls, doors, even right above the toilet paper. There are times, I forget to take the signs down and my kids make fun of me. But, it’s ok because I practiced my method for the whole weekend.



I often put notes for myself in my drawers or in random places. It’s funny how I find these notes right when I need them.


I also put them on my steering wheel.


At work, we can put inconspicuous reminders around our desk or a place we look regularly. The computer is a weak spot for me. I get distracted the easiest, so I put one on my screen.




The phone or tablet are useful too. I set alarms on my phone to go off during the day. I’ve put a little note on my phone to remind me, so I don’t lose myself in mindless activities.




Bells are equally resourceful. I downloaded a mindful bell from Google Play based on the some of the habits taught by the well known Zen master, Thich Nhat Hanh.

I’ve taken a picture of a verse from the Diamond Sutra and set it as the wallpaper for my phone, so the first page I look at is this one:



Mindful Reminder

The possibilities and creativity are endless when we are determined. The question is how much time are we willing to invest.

It’s essential to help ourselves. Like I’ve mentioned, it’s not easy to stay on a method, but it is easy to put reminders in place. I do not take for granted I have been practicing for a while. I use one or a combination depending on what is happening in my life. Over the years, I’ve learned the importance of being diligent.

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