Work Accommodations for Anxiety

If you find yourself feeling anxiety at work to the point that it’s interfering with your job  performance, below are possible accommodations for anxiety as instructed by Job Accommodation Network (JAN).

Flexible Schedule

A flexible schedule can be working from home or hybrid, starting and ending  work at a later time, combining breaks to have a longer break, or splitting up lunch hours to have more breaks.

Private Rest Area/Private Space

A private space can be made available if feeling overwhelmed or to recover from a panic attack if necessary.

Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

Bringing an ESA to work can help to bring comfort and support throughout the day.  You must have a note from a physician or other medical professional stating that you have anxiety and that the ESA provides a benefit for your anxiety.  Most ESA’s are dogs and cats but it can be any animal and it does not need specific training to become an ESA.

Support Person

Having a support person with you during important meetings to help ask questions or take notes can alleviate anxiety. The person can also help you navigate social events.  The support person can be a co-worker,  job coach, or close contact. Here’s information on having a support person as an accommodation.

Identify and Reduce Triggers

Identifying your specific triggers at the workplace will be beneficial in reducing them. This can be done by keeping a journal and writing down when you feel anxiety and what  caused it. In doing so, you can begin to explore what accommodations will be best suited for you.

Keep in Mind

These are suggestions, but you’re the one who knows what will work best for you. Another thing to remember is that these can also be changed or modified if they are not adequate. To ask for accommodations read How to Ask for Reasonable Accommodations at the Workplace and if you need to change your accommodations refer to Accommodations were not Effective – Communicating with your Employer.

Need Additional Help?

If you would like to speak to someone at JAN, here’s their contact page and below is their number:

Voice: 800-526-7234

TTY:   877-781-9403

Attend a Workshop

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