Preparing for Tax Season

It’s tax season. Are you aware of your tax triggers or do you wave your hands dismissively and say it’s just tax season? Discovering what’s behind those triggers will help you understand yourself better and have a healthier tax season.

You could begin by mentally preparing yourself. This may be by reviewing the positive aspects of being prepared. Less anxiety, less rushing; hence, more accuracy in your numbers which may result in a bigger refund or reduction in balance due, an earlier refund, or more time to prepare to make a payment. 

Here are some other logistics to help you:

Gather and organize your information:

2022 Tax Return check your return to see what documents you gave your accountant

W-2 Forms this will come from your employer. Remember if you worked for more than one company you will receive one for each. It should come by the end of January.

1099-Misc if you received miscellaneous income such as rent or prizes.

1099-NEC reports nonemployee compensation, so if you freelanced or have a business, you will be receiving one if you earned more than $600 per client.

1099-DIV if you have investment, this form will list any income in the form of dividends received. 

10999-INT if you received interest above $10, you will be receiving it from your bank or any financial institution.

1099-R if you made a withdrawal or early distribution from your retirement account, you will receive this form from the brokerage company.

1099-B if you sold stock, you will receive this form from the brokerage company.

1098 Form if you have a mortgage, you should receive it from your mortgage company and it will include interest and possible property taxes paid 

1098-E if you paid student loans, this form will list the interest paid

Need Help?


New York

  • New York City offers free tax prep services
  • In person help – sit with a volunteer who can help you
  • Drop off service – drop off your information and pick up your return later
  • Virtual tax prep – go online and someone will help you
  • Assisted self-prep – tax prep by yourself or someone will assist you 

Create an account with the IRS as this will give you access to:

  • Tax records
  • Make or view payments
  • View or create payment plans
  • View your balance due
  • Request account transcript

Need to check your refund status?

Federal Refund

  • Call: (800) 829-1040
  • Callers who are hearing impaired
    • TTY/TDD: (800) 829-4059

NY State Refund

  • Call: (518) 457 5149
  • Dial 711 for NY Relay Service

Mindful Reminder

Tax season is an excellent source for getting to know your financial self. As you progress through the months leading up to filing your return, you must become vigilant with observing your interactions in getting your documents ready. How do you react to your partner? How is your internal dialogue? You don’t have to be a victim of your habitual tendencies. You can shine the light on them by practicing Mindful Check-ins. This will make room for positive, financial growth to emerge. If procrastination becomes an issue, read Procrastination & Taxes.

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